Welcome to the official publishing platform of the edited volume on modernizations and reconstructions of historic European cities destroyed or affected by the Great War events.

We are proud to present a collection of essays in urban planning, monuments protection and spatial policies prepared by the international group of European scholars: historians, art and architecture historians. Our contribution to the European urban history studies is a result of the 2015 International Conference held in Kalisz, Poland, EU. The book is devoted to the Polish early twentieth-century experiences in reconstructions of historic towns mostly, but it also includes studies covering various European initiatives in this field, from France to Russia or the Balkans.

“Reconstructions and Modernizations of Historic Towns in Europe in the First Half of the Twentieth Century” is the international, digital version of the printed edition in Polish: “Odbudowy i modernizacje miast historycznych w pierwszej połowie dwudziestego wieku w Europie” (Kalisz 2016).


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All rights reserved to Authors, Editors and the Kalisz Society of Friends of Sciences, 2016.